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STANDARD RESIDENTIAL INSPECTION: A real estate inspection is a survey and basic operation of the systems and components of a building which can be reached, entered, or viewed without difficulty, moving obstructions, or requiring any action which may result in damage to the property or personal injury to the inspector. The purpose of the inspection is to provide the client with information regarding the general condition of the building(s). Cosmetic and aesthetic conditions will not be considered.

Although we try our best to detect defective components of the building system, much is beyond the control of the inspector. Some basics about your inspection:

  • A home inspection is NOT a CODE inspection,
  • We cannot report on what we cannot see,
  • Discovery Real Estate Inspection Services or any other professional cannot and will not  guarantee when a system or component will no longer function as designed, although we look for clues and evidence that may lead to a potential failure, determining the reliability or life cycle end of a homes system or component is impossible.
  • The inspection is valid ONLY for the date it was conducted.

The report given to our client will summarize SAFETY issues, known major defects observed during the inspection and issues that should be addressed by a licensed trade professional. I.e electrician, plumber, roofing contractor, engineer, etc.

In addition to the standard residential and commercial inspection, DISCOVERY offers a variety of ancillary services which can be added for an additional fee.

The MOVE-IN-CERTIFIED INSPECTION is available to SELLERS to help move your property in the competitive marketplace, a completed inspection allows you to proudly display the Move-In-Certified emblem!

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PoolSpa-InspectorPOOL & SPA INSPECTION: Discovery offers this inspection as an ancillary inspection to client purchasing a standard residential inspection. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone inspection for existing homeowners or businesses.

At checkout, please add “POOL & SPA INSPECTION”

sewerscan SEWER LINE INSPECTION: The sewer line from home to city sewer or private septic is the  most overlooked by both sellers and buyers. Sellers cannot disclose the condition of these pipes, because what we cant see, we cant claim! However, once the contingency period is over and the buyer takes position of the home, they also inherit the condition of these pipes. The home owner is responsible for the sewer (lateral) which extends from their house to the main city sewer which may by under the street near the curb. That means that the home owners responsibility extends beyond their property line. Without going into great detail here about the materials used for sewer pipes and the various ways these pipes can degrade or fail over time, I can tell you that the cost to repair can be quite high! Especially if the sewer main is effected and the city determines it was caused by YOUR defective sewer lateral. Give yourself a piece of mind. Order a sewer inspection on your next home inspection and get this very important inspection at 1/2 price. It will be worth every penny, Your will receive a separate report of our findings with photos and a USB with video footage of the inside of your pipes. We will provide recommendations and offer references if required for your consideration. 

PrintHVAC DUCT, AC CONDENSER REFRIGERATE CHARGE, AND FAN EFFICACY TEST: The California Energy Commission (CEC) mandates these diagnostic testing procedures when a house is newly constructed, or when certain components have been changed out in an existing home.

  1. DUCT TEST: We pressurize your ducts and locate leaks which cause your HVAC to work harder, decreasing its life expectancy and allowing hot air to be released into the unconditioned attic where it would adhere to the cooler framing structures of your home, possibly resulting in wood rot or mold.
  2. AC CONDENSER REFRIGERANT CHARGE: Most typically charged with R22 (old stuff) or R410A (newer – environmentally safer) refrigerant. If its either too high or too low, its too bad! Your AC will work harder which will result in a reduced life cycle of your system.
  3. FAN EFFICACY: More commonly referred to as watt draw is the electrical measurement or power measurement of your HVAC system when it is operating at peak power. Simply stated, if your system is drawing too much power, there is something wrong.

All of the above equals higher utility bills for you! a greater burden on the cities energy grid, and wasted energy.

SOLAR POWER PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: The “California Energy Commission” (CEC) mandates these diagnostic testing procedures when a house is newly constructed with solar panels, or when an existing home installs a solar system.

However, if you purchased a home with solar arrays installed or If you have solar panels that have been in place for a number of years on your home, it may be time to assess the system. We perform: a visual inspection, check solar array tilt & azimuth, measure solar irradiance, conduct shade analysis and determine system performance (output).

DeckInspector DECK INSPECTION:  This inspection is included in the standard home inspection however, it can be purchased as a stand-along inspection. More than two million decks are built and replaced each year in North America. InterNACHI estimates that of the 45 million existing decks, only 40% are completely safe. Almost every deck collapse occurred while the decks were occupied or under a heavy snow load. A deck collapse can result in serious injury or even death, so Check Your Deck!

We are a National Deck & Rail Association (NADRA) certified inspection company.

PetFriendly-logoPET SAFETY INSPECTION:  Millions of people worldwide treat their pets like family. Discovery offers a unique Pet Safety inspection at an inexpensive add-on to a standard home inspection. We look at your property from your pets perspective.

With your next home inspection purchase, ask for our exclusive Pet Safety special.

Home Energy Score Assessor InterNACHI

HOME ENERGY SCORE: New home owner? Existing home owners? Find out what it will cost to operate your home or how you can cut your energy bills. Annual average cost approx $2,600 per/year on heating / cooling and other costs. A DOE certified home energy auditor will perform an energy analysis of your home and present a data report on your property as well as how you fare in comparison to others in your region.  The report will include recommendations on how you can cut costs while operating a more efficient home.

With your next home inspection, ask for our Home Energy Score Inspection.

RepairVerification  REPAIR VERIFICATION SERVICES: Planning on remodeling your kitchen, an addition to your home, converting an attached garage to a recreation room? Are you sometimes concerned that the supervision on some of these costly upgrades is lacking. Discovery offers a Repair Verification Service to our clients, we coordinate with you to ensure that the contractor does what they say at the quality that you would expect.

  • Project & contractor oversight
  • New construction phase inspections
  • Final walk-through inspections
  • One-year builders warranty inspections
  • Annual inspections for home & commercial property owners
  • Investor consulting
  • Foreclosure inspections
  • Insurance inspections

Ask about our Repair Verification Services, we’ll stop the workers from milling around, Our certified Project Management specialist & Quality Management Expert will keep your project on track.

AnnualHomeMaintenance ANNUAL HOME MAINTENANCE INSPECTION:  Hire us today to perform a home maintenance inspection as part of your home maintenance plan. Many folks buy a house without realizing that the home requires period and preventative maintenance. Discovery has options, we can perform quarterly inspections or an annual inspection(s). The goal is to keep your home operating as efficiently as possible; as we say, pay a little NOW but SAVE a lot later.

Buy now as a stand alone service or add the ANNUAL HOME MAINTENANCE INSPECTION on to your next standard residential inspection.

RoofInspector ROOF INSPECTIONS: This inspection is included with a standard residential inspection but can be purchased as a stand-alone service.We have heard, if its not leaking through the ceiling, its not leaking! Surprise, roofs leak and where moisture and ventilation problems exists, so does wood rot, roof failure and possibly mold.

Discovery will go where home owners haven’t been in a long time, on the roof and in the attic to evaluate the various components that give you overhead protection. Like the Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones once said “GIMME SHELTER”

Aging-In-Place AGING IN PLACE: Describes a senior homeowners ability to remain in the home to the fullest extent possible by planning and implementing modifications that promote safety, mobility, security and functional use

More than 70 million Americans will require assisted living by 2020.

By adapting and redesigning the seniors current home and habits, he or she can “Age-In-Place” while maintaining a safe and independent lifestyle for as long as possible.

Buy now as a stand alone service or add the AGING-IN-PLACE INSPECTION on to your next standard residential inspection.

4PointInspectorFOUR POINT INSPECTION: This inspection originated in Florida           where it is still in effect today. It is considered an insurance               inspection. The inspection consists of the following:

1. Electrical     2. HVAC     3. Water Heater     4. Roof

The systems inspected are included in a standard residential and commercial inspection but is also available as a stand-alone inspection for existing property owners.

11thMonth-Inspections 11-MONTH WARRANTY INSPECTION: Most builders offer a one-year warranty on a new home. Discovery will come out during the 11th month and perform a full home inspection before the builder’s warranty expires.

Our non-invasive inspection is based on observations of the visible and apparent condition of the interior and exterior of the structure, including its major systems and components.
Following your inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report, complete with photos, that includes information on any material defects observed on the date of the inspection.
Armed with this information, you can take any necessary steps to hold your builder and his subcontractors to their warranties while they’re still in force.

This is a stand-alone inspection for new home buyers and can be purchased at the time of your initial standard residential inspection.

  A commercial property is defined as the building structures and improvements located on a parcel of commercial real estate.  These may include structures such as buildings with residential units operated for profit, mixed-use buildings, strip malls, motels, factories, storage facilities, restaurants and office buildings.

The inspection is defined as the process of an inspector collecting information through visual observation during a walk-through survey of the subject property, conducting research about the property, and then generating a meaningful report about the condition of the property based on the observations made and research conducted by the inspector.

For your Commercial Inspection needs, please call or email for a quote.

iac2-moldMOLD INSPECTION: Complete or Limited mold inspections are available to our concerned clients.

COMPLETE INSPECTION: The Complete Mold Inspection is performed in accordance with the Mold Inspection
Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (

The inspection consists of:
• a non-invasive, visual examination of the readily accessible, visible and installed
systems and components of the building, as outlined in the IAC2 Mold Inspection Standards of Practice;
• moisture, temperature and humidity measurements;
• at least three air samples (one indoor and two outdoor); and
• possibly one or more surface sample(s) at the area(s) of concern.

LIMITED INSPECTION: The Limited Mold Inspection does not include a visual examination of the entire building, but is limited to a specific area of the building identified and defined by the inspector.

For your mold inspection needs, please call or email for a quote.

Barn ADDITIONAL STRUCTURES: The standard residential home inspection includes the home, plus an attached or detached garage. Per InterNACHI and California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) SOP’s home inspectors do NOT have to inspect other structures on the premises.

DISCOVERY offers an inspection of additional structures such as a barns, detached studios or workshops for an extra fee.

The cost is for one additional structure, if more than one is to be inspected, contact us for quote.

MoistureIntrusionInspector-icon-web MOISTURE INTRUSION INSPECTIONS: Moisture can infiltrate the home in many ways, such as heavy rains on a leaky roof or skylight, plumbing leaks, condensation, poor insulation, lack of ventilation and much more. Some of these issues are difficult to identify, we utilize state of the art equipment coupled with a comprehensive visual inspection to help locate where problems can occur. Our report will list the findings, and provide recommendations on how to resolve those problems.

Moisture intrusion if left unmitigated, can lead to more serious issues such as structural rot and decay as well as mold, mildew and/or possible health problems as a result.

Infrared Certified Logo

INFRARED (THERMAL IMAGING): This service is ideal for both residential and commercial or industrial applications. Thermal Imaging is used for energy audits, moisture intrusion, isolating electrical, HVAC or plumbing anomalies, troubleshooting systems, analyzing equipment performance and much more.


HANDYMAN SERVICES (NEW): This service is subject to limitations of small projects of no more than $500 total cost for time & materials and will not be part of a larger project involving contractors.  The following scenarios apply:

  1. WE (Discovery Real Estate Inspection Services) did not inspect your residence: Handyman services are available immediately;
  2. WE (Discovery Real Estate Inspection Services) did inspect your residence: Handyman services will not be available until 12 months following the date of your home inspection.


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